Effortless HR & Admin

Fill in the gaps in your Human Resources & Administration needs, and save the time and effort of hiring additional staff!

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Government Affairs & Public Relations

SANAD assists SME’s by applying and abiding by all governmental legislations and requirements issued by all entities on their behalf.

Recruitment Services

SANAD’s Recruitment Services save you time and effort by recruiting the qualified employees your business deserves from local and international talents.

HR Consulting

As HR efficiency is vital for the sustainability and growth of any business, SANAD’s HR consulting recognizes its importance as it equips businesses with specialized high-level services that attains sustainability and insures continuous growth.

HR Outsourcing Services

SANAD supports businesses by providing inclusive HR and Administration services that helps them manage the daily activities and maintain employees’ updated records.

HR Services Automation

SANAD’s automation services caters for SME’s, across multiple industries using a cloud-based HR services platform that optimizes processes.

Why choose

Managing a business’s daily activities is quite challenging, risking its success when not executed correctly as it shifts the managers’ focus away from long-term strategies.

The separation for the founders between the short and long terms is crucial in which outsourcing to SANAD Business Solutions, a division of PROCAPITA, manages governmental affairs and legislations, recruits the required staff, automates your HR activities, handles daily personnel and HR operations, and enhances the HR’s infrastructure.

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من بداية تعاملى مع سند شالوا عنى حمل الموارد البشرية وإدارة شؤون الموظفين واتفرغت لتطوير الشركة والإهتمام بالزبائن

Off Road Performance

صعوبات الاجراءات المتعلقة بالمعاملات الحكومية اخذ من وقتى الكثير ، ولكن مع سند صارت الامور اسهل ، اسرع ، واوفر


من استقبالنا بالبداية الى عرض خدماتكم وايضاحها بحضور المدراء المعنيين ومن ثم توقيع العقد والمتابعة الدقيقة على شغل  الموظفين والاجراءات الحكومية وان شاء الله فى اول فرصة تحتاج فيها خدماتكم الاضافية ماراح نتردد فى اضافتها للعقد معكم

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