SANAD – a division of PROCAPITA– is solely dedicated towards supporting SME’s by using customized services covering a wide range of industries to meet their specific needs. This in return, provides them with the ability and time needed to focus on their businesses’ core functions.

Why Sanad? 

SANAD’s experience is derived from PROCAPITA’s wide and deep experience in HR consulting, recruiting, and organizational management solutions that has been scaled to fit the needs of SME’s by leveraging on:


    • Accessibility to a wide pool of professionals covering multiple industries
    • Attain optimal cost effectiveness by pivoting away from in-house HR departments towards outsourcing to SANAD’s HR and Recruitment services
    • A proactive approach that outlines potential obstacles and reduces risks accordingly
    • Latest global, regional, and domestic HR trends and best practices embraced by key organizations that abide with domestic regulations.